I can see the future!


        Somehow I know, there will be a lot more posts from “The Weird and The Strange”  Category on this Blog. Right now I’m trying to find an earlier story called: “SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENED AT MACCU PICCHU.”

         And, boy, did it ever!

         Soon as I find the story, which I seem to have posted on another site, I’ll post it right here.


                            There’s a narrow gauge railway line in that place. To those of you who are still certain I rode that train with you, I’m telling you one more time –  You’re mistaken!

                           I was in a bar in Lima all through that entire three week period. I’ve got pictures and witnesses and

signed statements. Some of the statements are notarized  Affidavits.

          So Frank, Abner, Henry Parsons, Jack and Elma – No more crazy talk! What you

are suggesting is an impossibility! Don’t make me bring the paramilitary into this.

Or Dr Leech and his assistants. You know what’ll happen then.

          Despite the phony hubris you displayed in your recent Telegram,

I feel certain you’re not ready for a second “Treatment.”

           Spread no more slander or rumours about me.


                                                       Trusting you will find the above to be satisfactory,

                                                                                             I remain,


                                                                                                          Sincerely yours,