Principle                   PUBLIC HUMILIATION (or perceived public humiliation) is often a transporting factor.

Humiliation is also the arousing fetish in itself, ie: the source of arousal.

Usually  the need is to be be punished for the shame of experiencing sex , (a “disgusting urge” that the woman can only allow herself to feel because she’s being punished).

Spanking works well in this context. The heat felt in the buttocks during a good paddling

is the transporting factor that gives the woman permission to feel the shameful urge.

Male masocism works much the same way as female masocism. The need to utterly

give over one’s power is fulfilled. Also, spanking is a sexual fetish all by itself.

In the same way, many and maybe even most women have secret fantasies of being

raped and utterly overpowered and taken by a ravaging man. There’s a whole lot of guilt women

feel over rape fantasies. And a rape fantasy is not a secret a woman usually shares with her

mate. Of course, there are delightful exceptions.

More spanking is often required.

(6) DISTRACTION is also a very useful tool in allowing sexual arousal to build

For example, Madelaine can only experience sexual desire, excitement and arousal,

when she pretends none of it is happening. She must distract herself by  reading                     a  magazine  and keeping her mind busy on another subject entirely, while she is  pleasured               orally and  with the use of a vibrator.

Her husband felt that such a menial task was beneath him. And he was part of the problem. He insisted that she should be able to orgasm just from his penetrating her. But

the fact of the matter is,  a woman who suffers from intense anxiety because of some interdiction

against sex (whether it be familial or religious or the result of some fearful abuse as a child), such a woman will not experience orgasm as a result of penetration alone, regardless of the size of the

organ penetrating her.

Orgasm will not occur without the aid of both psychological and physical tools.

In Madelaine’s case it was necessary to place the husband in another room with the door shut,

while an assistant pleasured his wife.

You must understand, I had no idea what measures were required to move this  lovely woman into a primal experience. The idea of the magazine came later, when I noticed

her gritting her teeth and shaking when anyone approached her, especially her husband.

 Principle     –      The use of distraction is sometimes                                     essential.

At first I tried an erotic book, but that didn’t work at all. Finally we settled on

an architectural digest, which she read with desperate concentration. I inserted a thin

unobtrusive vibrator between her labia and let the tip of the vibrator “accidentally’

graze her clitoris from time to time. Then I gently and quietly inserted the vibrator into

her, and had an assistant press his tongue against her clitoris with no movement at all.

After five minutes he started to lick her gently. And I turned the vibrations

up ever so slowly.

All this time she did not acknowledge the fact that there was a   man between her thighs, nor did she look at me. I was sitting pretty much out of her view, but that didn’t matter.

By the third session she had started to relax somewhat, and look forward to

the session.

The one light in the room was focused on the magazine. The bed was in relative darkness. When arousal started to break through to her, she started crying out with this

hot intense voice filled with aniety. She was certainly shocked and couldn’t really believe that

this was happening to her; and she cried out more and more, and louder and louder and started


Talk about a transporting experience! I was having more and more trouble maintaining my professional distance. The pressure built up more and more, and I made sure nothing changed; I knew the dam was going to burst. This woman had never once experiendced

orgasm in her entire life, and so when the moment finally came after incredible resistance on

her part, she shouted and clutched and throbbed and shouted at the top of her lungs.

Previously she had been a quiet, polite person, and very articulate, an English teacher.

The rhythmic pulsing shouts and howls from the deepest part of her lasted an incredibly long

time. She woke up a couple who were sound asleep on the third floor of this old brick and stone house, and we were in the basement.

She had passed through the barrier and had taken her first steps on the road back

to health.

Interestingly, she was able to give up her three pack a day smoking habit within the year.

I couldn’t let her husband go near her for ten days. But having heard the sounds of her

orgasm from the next room, he was suddenly more than willing to co-operate in any way whatsoever. In fact, our psychologist was willing to give him lessons in performing oral sex

all that week.

When he finally was able to visit his wife once more, he gave her two dozen roses,

and had learned something. A lot of coaching was still required to prevent the same tension

from arising between them again, and ruining everything. The husband had an unfortunate habit of acting in a parental fashion. This reminded Madelaine of her father. And Madelaine’s father had been a monster, who had terrified her as a child.

Madelaine had recurring dreams of the shadow of her father entering her bedroom in the middle of the night. And the shadow was holding a knife – an obvious phallic symbol. And maybe it wasn’t just a symbol of a phallus, maybe it really was a hard-on in his hand. After dreams like that as a little girl, it was difficult for her to relax around sex as a grown woman.

And the father had the nerve to be  moralistic about her sex, after performing in such a way himself. My God, the hypocrisy!

Guilt and terrifying dreams must be expunged. The tubes must be all blown out clean.

And your Roving Reporter has various means of blasting the psyche clean. Passion is a psychic

cleanser. And I’ve  found that bending a woman bare-assed over a pile of pillows, so that her bum is raised as an obvious and vulnerable target: this is a highly erotic thing to do. It’s erotic to her because she’s given over her power, and she’s utterly under your command .It’s best to force her to assume this position gradually.

Then, holding her down with a hand on the small of her back, I’ve always found that a slow and deliberate whipping of her bare buttocks with a riding crop is an excellent way to

ignite passion.





This will never happen in my clinic, 
          but if you wake up somewhere else:

       If you are a woman,whether single, independent,
independently wealthy, somebody’s wife or not,
whether you’re a working person or not – if you wake
up one morning and the walls are white, and the curtains
are white and a strange white light is coming through
strange windows… 


       My advice to you would be as follows:
 Don’t be in a rush to sign any of those Medical
 Release Forms, or Form 14s, or any Cards
at all…. And don’t sign any contract, however simple
it appears….

       And while you’re at it, going through that 
sheath of paperwork they sometimes hand you…
when the staff sees you are exhausted or for 
some reason unable to read, put the pen down 
and say, “I’ll think about it.” Or, “Could we do this
tomorrow?” and smile sweetly.
       If you wake up in bed and find that you are
restrained somehow and you discover to your
disquiet, that the only part of your body
you are able to move is your right hand….
the hand that holds the pen…
        At such times it’s best to consider carefully what
you might already have signed – when you were in a
semi-conscious or heavily medicated state.
So it’s best to smile sweetly, as you refuse to sign
anything else.
       Say, “Oh, just for the moment, I need to take a
         On some opiate medications
you might in your heart believe you are strolling
through your Aunt’s rose garden…and what
a sweet scent there is, too, and a pleasant
wind wafting under the folds of your dressing
       You might think you are smelling the roses,
when in fact  you’re smelling Fabreeze, and the
singing of the angels you thought you heard
is in fact the transistor radio of the 98 year old
lady who is unconscious in the bed across
from yours.
      My advice to you is, even when you are
feeling exquisitely good, sign nothing….

      In fact, especially when you are feeling 
wonderfully well, sign no papers until you can
read them.
       When you wake up in what feels to be
seventh heaven, you just know that those
white-coated individuals around you have
your best interests at heart.
        Be firm. Stand your ground. Insist that
they bring you your glasses, before you are
wheeled back down the hall.
      It’s not rude to ask for your glasses
before you sign a legal document,
however disapprovingly the nurses
and orderlies look at you…
stick to your guns.
        Be stubborn. Be firm. And don’t be in a hurry
to sign those Organ Donor Cards just yet.



The pursuit of the knowing experience that is Gnosis is not an intellectual pursuit.

It is necessary to find a higher faculty with which to apprehend reality.

It’s like facing a wall in utter darkness
and using all concentration to pierce it.

Or like reaching behind you in the dark 
trying to find your pillow.

It helps if you have a question to which 
you passionately need to find the answer.

Build up a great wall of doubt
and face it.

Focusing your mind to one point
will help you.

Explaining what happens in the Experience
is impossible. This is why some teachers
insist on no reliance on words.

If I had to use a word, I might call it
an implosion.

Once this happens you might feel you 
know all there is to know and yet you 
know nothing.

Your sight changes irrevocably, also
your sense of identity.

If you think in Christian terms, you might
call the Experience miraculous.

If you have the Experience on other
spiritual paths, you will certainly call
it astounding.

See? I have used too many words already!

(C) 2018 by W.G. Milne



“Illumination comes… through the space created
by your psychic insecurity”… ie: abandonment
complex… becomes the pearl in the half-shell… the
space through which the angels come… the jagged
hole in the chapel wall… allows… the glorious pink
fingers… the purest white chaste light of humility,
prayer and forgiveness… the white chapel sun light
of the forgiving love of God…. the law – creates the
pain, like the sand- the pearl, out of pain… and
the wound creates the space necessary, the crack
through which the dawn comes, and Maitreya, and 
the returning Christ… the light of whom even now is
a suggestion of purple out of twilight… the hint of the
dawn of the new age which transcends this base
period, Iron Age, Kali Yuga, age of doubt and
material grasping… out of this wound and pain
out of which blossoms tearful kneeling prayers 
and need for that which is beyond our powers
to come and peck at the crack in our psyches
like a mother bird does to the eggshell both
protecting and confining her baby… she breaks
open the crack…. lets in the light… out of the
crack in the eggshell ego comes the annihilation
of the shell… complete removal of confining
protection… and if the psychic space is there,
the tears and the need for prayer…. Grace will come
like a rain of forgiving light more chaste and pure
than anything you could have imagined…. and in
this divine forgiveness, this holy welcome… you
see where you are as you step out across the infinite
galactic spaces – you have come home.
        And all the Universe and Mind and Eye and
heart and soul of Soul of God overflows within you
with its blessed greeting of forgiveness… and you see…
for the first time… with eyes washed clean and
made new… that all the cosmos is your bed
and pillows, and the milky way your blanketing
warmth, and the holy blossoming fountain of eternal
truth is your comforter. For you are home… and
you know now your true identity – and you are not who 
you thought you were. And you are glad. For you are
deathless as the spring.
       The wound of your early life, the bane of your
adolescence, the pain of your earlier maturity… all
have been necessary and useful so that you could
hurt sufficiently that you would seek… and lift your
head and climb the tree at the heart of the world –
all for this – that you may see the Time of Morning.

(C)1990-2018 by W.G. Milne/ Walker Ballantine



CASES FROM THE FEMALE ORGASM CLINIC     _______________________________________



                  Soon as I can get to a scanner, I`ll
scan some of the “Roving Reporter in the Bush” tales,
and the comic sketches drawn by Ernie Taylor of me inhot pursuit of various stories.

(He got the “mad intensity” which is hard
to get, I`m told.  Soon as someone points a camera at
me I smile like an innocent schoolboy.)

Of course, looking at me these days, I`m
not fooling anyone.
Maybe I wasn`t fooling anybody when I was
a schoolboy. I had one Grade 2 teacher who hated me
on sight!  Maybe she got a glimpse of the mind behind
the mask – the innocent schoolboy act…

I wrote for 2 hours the other morning – a great
true scene of whipping my 2nd wife atop a cliff, near
a waterfall in the spring – with 20 tourists approaching.  That girl sure did have a set of lungs!
I had to wrap things up fast….She was screaming…
like I hadn’t told her what I was going to do to her…

Ah, but some of the tourists were running like
they were trying to “save” her.  They should have
saved me.  I was the one married to her…                                      *
The problem with people who want to try S&M,
they hear it`s sexy… that the PAIN turns to PLEASURE…
if you get caned in the right spot…       They’re right, but NOT RIGHT AWAY!
It`s going to hurt a lot first… And that`s when you
spend a little quiet time alone and tell yourself
how sorry you are for all the evil things you`ve
done… (No!  I`m kidding!)
Anyway Melissa was losing it, and tourists
were almost making it to the crest of the hill,  so I did the
only logical thing.  I put Melissa in the trunk of the car.
Out of sight, out of mind…
Then later I went on to describe my use of Mindshocks,
working with a trained psychologist, to cure tortured
women, tortured by their familial repressions… how
Mindshocks help to set these ladies free – by scaring the
shit out of them, if they need it.
Their knees are not pressed so tightly together
after that. And if the women have a tendency to look
at the floor – they don`t look at the floor so much
after the first Surprise.
No, it`s too dangerous to look at the floor.  They
look behind them and all around them, and then they see
my trained assistants with notepad ,
padded handcuffs and a short cattle prod, which
is easy to hide when you tuck it up the sleeve of
your white labcoat…   when they see that…
Some of them try to run, but they don`t get far. It`s
rare for anyone to get away, like Alice. After all, she`d already paid the fee.  Also, there`s the fact that I`m the
only shop in three cities who performs this sort
of high-intensity, quick-fix psychological procedure.
Hell, I might be the only clinic anywhere, who promises to
cure your orgasm problems in ten days, or you money
back guaranteed.
After several years, most of the women who have
after a year or two, I get thank you notes… sometimes
the letters are long and the thanks are effusive;  sometimes they even try to find me!
But right off the bat after the procedure, they
usually   hate my guts…  That`s why I have to get
the money first.
In my one unsuccessful case, out of 19 delighted and appreciative women I got a letter
that was not a thank-you note…It looked like she had
a lawyer or  an expensive secretary type it.  The words,
“a long and enduring hatred” appeared.
I`ll be seeing her again, but it might take
years, and, all flippancy aside, she has a serious problem,
which will not get better on its own – even if she shoots
her father, or her uncle, whoever she`s sure has caused her such difficulties.                                           *
Speaking of shooting, TRANSFERENCE can be a problem in this specific situation. When she turns her
compulsive spotlight in my direction, it`s quite likely
she`ll try to shoot me. This has happened to me with
members of the fair sex before, but never in a professional relationship.
I can feel her now, prowling the side streets and
parking lots around my old place, a rifle with a scope in her trunk.               I should never have taught the lady to shoot.
I  had nothing but her best interests at heart. However –  it might appear  different in her mind –  in her enraged,vindictive an extremely pressured state of mind.
I`ll have to be very careful
when I leave the compound, any time soon.
is an extremely attractive, wealthy, apparently stable woman… But she’ll be trouble for any husband.  Until she is cured, that is.  And she is so very close to a cure.  Just give me 3 more nights with her in the clinic.
You see the husband, when he gets naked with her to have sex – and when sex turns out to be a disaster –it`s hard to maintain an erection if you are staring into the
eyes of a woman who looks suspiciously like a black
panther, preparing to eat your spleen.


I have my assistants. Gentle Doctor Laura is
available to placate patients – Laura`s services are  always necessary after the initial Mindshock.
The women naturally think they are in the
middle of some weird Machiavellian Nazi experiment
after I lay the electrodes down to tender parts
of their bodies.
It`s almost all for show… Almost!
Thinking again of that poor naked man
before Alice’s glowering onslaught.
Without my instruments I`d feel naked, too.

I use well-fashioned and durable sexual implements… An electric pulse and probe are frequently necessary… and of course there are canes and crops. Electric cuffs may be needed… restraints…prescribed stimulants… padded restraints.
Sometimes I bring in professional studs,
sometimes  distractions…    Sometimes I use power tools…                                        *

My team are pros at quickly
treating any medical difficulties


               Sometimes after the
first surprise PROBE and ZAP, the patient starts to shriek…
and the words LAWSUIT and CHARLATAN often come up… and she`s right.

With the amount of  of electrical
and medical lab equipment we have assembled here…
not to mention the powerful prescription drugs. She’s right

that all my methods are not approved.
When the patient starts to shriek “LAWSUIT”
after the first blast of  current up her ass, I hit her with the


And soon as they awaken and she`s having
breakfast in her green backless johnny gown, I hit her
with the blast again….. ZOWEEE!  MINDSHOCK!
delivered to her lower unit…
I have doubled the current going thru the
electric probe this time ..  .
I told you, I get results, and I get `em fast!
I must break down all resistance. And we’re

experts at my lab.
I`m the one who drafts the MEDICAL RELEASE
FORM, and if I do say so myself, it`s a beauty.
I lost one lovely twisted soul 13 months ago… I
happened to spot her sprinting across the lawn.
Sometimes you overdo the initial shock –  but really the
shock has to be administered in a closed environment.

An intelligent woman can often sense something
coming.   Maybe it`s the snickers of the queer male nurses.
(I keep calling them gay – they insist they`re not gay;
they`re Queer. I`m not sure what the difference is
and I`m not sure I want to know).

         William S.  Burroughs wrote the book, “QUEER!”

 and we all respected him.


I hired the male nurses because they did such a special job of nabbing fleeing patients at the research hospital –
they showed such gusto and skill.  (They nabbed
me more than once and I can run like a rabbit when
I`ve got a good head of steam up. Of course, with my
knees strapped together they had the advantage…)
Yes, I make fun. But these women suffer.
And, understand something about my methods:
I claim to cure you quick.  And I do.  I will.
My team hasn`t had a failure yet.(With one exception
and I`m not finished with her yet.) If my
methods appear to be more like theater than
medicine, well so be it!
I`ve always wanted to get into the theater,
but this is a hell of a way to do it!
As I`ve mentioned before, my clinic is not
sanctioned by the A.M.A. or even by the F.D.A.
I do get referrals from some doctors, but
it`s always on the Q.T.    That should be enough
initials for one article.

Word of mouth provides most of my trade –
people who roam the City late at night in the
black-walled darkness of the more unknown bars,
red flickering candles, vampire suits,
and laughter and shouts and confidential talk
when the band stops playing.

“It worked for Alice.   She feels a whole lot
better now… She says he was brilliant, a genius.
She said he quoted Dr Wilhelm Reich and his
orgone therapy as well as Mesmer and the Marquis
de Sade.
” Now she wants sex as soon as she sees a
white coat, or hears a certain song
only the doctor knows…”
” You`re kidding, Alice – that has to
be unethical – keeping a hypnotic trigger secret!”
“It`s certainly better  keeping it secret –
than telling everybody what it is at the cross-roads!”


Alice laughs out loud and slaps her knee.
“Actually, Jo,  that was a joke about the secret
song.”   She pats Jo`s hand.
Johanna:   “What`s gotten into you?
You haven`t been snorting that drug, inhaling ha! ha! gas again?”
“Relax!   I feel fine.  I feel great, better
than I have in over a decade. He not only
showed me how to orgasm, he cured my two
pack a day smoking habit….

“My God! How`d he do that?”


Madelaine looked down… along the line of
her leg and boot:


            “He showed me how to put something
else in my mouth.”





        If the crucifixion was in 65 B.C., as seems likely,

then there is no point in arguing about the so-called

 “historical” facts. Because all the facts are wrong.

        The  WORDS that have come down to us are 

more reliable. But not the words of the Empire Church,

which created a marketable G.I. Joe type saviour who did

 multiple miracles.

..     Why did they do this?

They did it because then it is easy to create a CHRIST 

MONOPOLY. And they created a Christ monopoly. 

If the teacher is a Superman, he becomes property of the 

marketing agent. He becomes a saleable item.

             There is big money in a monopolized Christ.

You can’t sell indulgences, you can’t sell forgiveness,

unless you have a monopoly.So the Empire Church

gained a monopoly over the Christ turf, because no one

had the power to argue with the narrow doctrine. Because 

everybody who argued in the early days, they became dead.

And the church started to SELL FORGIVENESS.

             Besides, no one could read in the middle ages except the

priests. So the monopoly was everywhere; the monopoly was


              The early Christians who emphasized KNOWING,

they were put to the sword, or burned alive, or exiled. Just

as their libraries and monasteries were burned – and all their 

texts and earliest writings were burned.

              By the time of the Council of Nicea, Empire Church

doctrine was set. The allowable books were kept, everything else 

was so-called heresy. By then, when the church had unified with

the might of Rome, the earliest materials (the Gnostic Gospels =

the earliest Christian Gospels) were destroyed.

              This is why the existence of the texts discovered in an 

urn in a cave in Egypt, and their existence into the present day,

this is nothing short  of a miracle!

               Does my teaching seem radical to you?

                Remember this:  Christ’s teachings were

radical and they are still radical today.

                I have been cursed by priests. I have been

told I am going to hell. And when they started to

curse me in Latin, then I knew I was getting


                 The earliest texts teach the exact opposite

of Empire Church doctrine.


But the earliest texts teach the exact opposite.
         The earliest teachings teach that 

the purpose is to  become One with 

Christ, One with the Mind of God.
Christ hopes that you will seek Him out,
by looking within yourself and delving deeply.

        This is what Christ was/is 

saying:  “Become One with me. Then 

you shall know what I know.
Know yourself and you will see me.
Know yourself and you will know me.”

             “He shall be as I am and I shall be he,
and the hidden things will be revealed to him”
Gospel of Thomas.
       If you commune with the Mind 

of Christ, then you will know he 

is God.  For only the Mind of God 

is the Eternal Mind.

          This is what we seek – the 

meaning of eternal life. This is 

Paradise – the Knowledge of eternal 

                This Knowledge is the 

culmination of the Grail Quest and the

Gnostic journey.
            What’s the point in going on a 

quest if what you find is only mundane


(C) 2018 by W.G. Milne






white light thru the door at Spiro’s Cafe
white white white hot sun at the heart of the day
Black Beauty’s coming soon
Delivery’s at noon
In the junkyard underneath the floor


First a throb of love, then a lash of pain
Plastic yellow roses someone’s glued to              the wall
Next to a picture of me
Doesn’t look like me at all


Cigar and brandy and me and Old Nick
Poster of a stripper from last year
There’s a crack in the wall and                              something comes thru it
What it is I can’t exactly tell.


No sleep for a week, it’s clear as a                        crystal bell,
Been in the desert now for 40 days…
I walked 100 miles from jail, I haven’t
        found my thrill,
With the little people sneaking thru my            keyhole once again.


Roxy’s at the corner trying to get some            cash,
There’s a gold stamp on it from across            the sea,
Can’t seem to find that last kilo flat of              hash –
Can’t wait to mix it, smoke it up with                some of these!


This is a song from my nitty-gritty drug days. I haven’t recorded it yet, tho I know all the chords. So let’s see!

(C)2008-2018 by W.G. Milne (JOHNNY ROCK AND THE ANGELS) 

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