Principle                   PUBLIC HUMILIATION (or perceived public humiliation) is often a transporting factor.

Humiliation is also the arousing fetish in itself, ie: the source of arousal.

Usually  the need is to be be punished for the shame of experiencing sex , (a “disgusting urge” that the woman can only allow herself to feel because she’s being punished).

Spanking works well in this context. The heat felt in the buttocks during a good paddling

is the transporting factor that gives the woman permission to feel the shameful urge.

Male masocism works much the same way as female masocism. The need to utterly

give over one’s power is fulfilled. Also, spanking is a sexual fetish all by itself.

In the same way, many and maybe even most women have secret fantasies of being

raped and utterly overpowered and taken by a ravaging man. There’s a whole lot of guilt women

feel over rape fantasies. And a rape fantasy is not a secret a woman usually shares with her

mate. Of course, there are delightful exceptions.

More spanking is often required.

(6) DISTRACTION is also a very useful tool in allowing sexual arousal to build

For example, Madelaine can only experience sexual desire, excitement and arousal,

when she pretends none of it is happening. She must distract herself by  reading                     a  magazine  and keeping her mind busy on another subject entirely, while she is  pleasured               orally and  with the use of a vibrator.

Her husband felt that such a menial task was beneath him. And he was part of the problem. He insisted that she should be able to orgasm just from his penetrating her. But

the fact of the matter is,  a woman who suffers from intense anxiety because of some interdiction

against sex (whether it be familial or religious or the result of some fearful abuse as a child), such a woman will not experience orgasm as a result of penetration alone, regardless of the size of the

organ penetrating her.

Orgasm will not occur without the aid of both psychological and physical tools.

In Madelaine’s case it was necessary to place the husband in another room with the door shut,

while an assistant pleasured his wife.

You must understand, I had no idea what measures were required to move this  lovely woman into a primal experience. The idea of the magazine came later, when I noticed

her gritting her teeth and shaking when anyone approached her, especially her husband.

 Principle     –      The use of distraction is sometimes                                     essential.

At first I tried an erotic book, but that didn’t work at all. Finally we settled on

an architectural digest, which she read with desperate concentration. I inserted a thin

unobtrusive vibrator between her labia and let the tip of the vibrator “accidentally’

graze her clitoris from time to time. Then I gently and quietly inserted the vibrator into

her, and had an assistant press his tongue against her clitoris with no movement at all.

After five minutes he started to lick her gently. And I turned the vibrations

up ever so slowly.

All this time she did not acknowledge the fact that there was a   man between her thighs, nor did she look at me. I was sitting pretty much out of her view, but that didn’t matter.

By the third session she had started to relax somewhat, and look forward to

the session.

The one light in the room was focused on the magazine. The bed was in relative darkness. When arousal started to break through to her, she started crying out with this

hot intense voice filled with aniety. She was certainly shocked and couldn’t really believe that

this was happening to her; and she cried out more and more, and louder and louder and started


Talk about a transporting experience! I was having more and more trouble maintaining my professional distance. The pressure built up more and more, and I made sure nothing changed; I knew the dam was going to burst. This woman had never once experiendced

orgasm in her entire life, and so when the moment finally came after incredible resistance on

her part, she shouted and clutched and throbbed and shouted at the top of her lungs.

Previously she had been a quiet, polite person, and very articulate, an English teacher.

The rhythmic pulsing shouts and howls from the deepest part of her lasted an incredibly long

time. She woke up a couple who were sound asleep on the third floor of this old brick and stone house, and we were in the basement.

She had passed through the barrier and had taken her first steps on the road back

to health.

Interestingly, she was able to give up her three pack a day smoking habit within the year.

I couldn’t let her husband go near her for ten days. But having heard the sounds of her

orgasm from the next room, he was suddenly more than willing to co-operate in any way whatsoever. In fact, our psychologist was willing to give him lessons in performing oral sex

all that week.

When he finally was able to visit his wife once more, he gave her two dozen roses,

and had learned something. A lot of coaching was still required to prevent the same tension

from arising between them again, and ruining everything. The husband had an unfortunate habit of acting in a parental fashion. This reminded Madelaine of her father. And Madelaine’s father had been a monster, who had terrified her as a child.

Madelaine had recurring dreams of the shadow of her father entering her bedroom in the middle of the night. And the shadow was holding a knife – an obvious phallic symbol. And maybe it wasn’t just a symbol of a phallus, maybe it really was a hard-on in his hand. After dreams like that as a little girl, it was difficult for her to relax around sex as a grown woman.

And the father had the nerve to be  moralistic about her sex, after performing in such a way himself. My God, the hypocrisy!

Guilt and terrifying dreams must be expunged. The tubes must be all blown out clean.

And your Roving Reporter has various means of blasting the psyche clean. Passion is a psychic

cleanser. And I’ve  found that bending a woman bare-assed over a pile of pillows, so that her bum is raised as an obvious and vulnerable target: this is a highly erotic thing to do. It’s erotic to her because she’s given over her power, and she’s utterly under your command .It’s best to force her to assume this position gradually.

Then, holding her down with a hand on the small of her back, I’ve always found that a slow and deliberate whipping of her bare buttocks with a riding crop is an excellent way to

ignite passion.

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