I have spent too much
time in the south, the harbour
town, where commerce is
queen; and the populace
dances to her wishes…
O Babylon, the great
what a bitch
you have been!
and I, in your lap,
some sort of sorry
servant, to do your
bidding, as the gulls
and the crows of the 
north, carrion birds
they call me, too…
to the ultimate freedom
freedom is where you are
freedom is a good car
and I drive
just fine
I have driven past
all my relationships
seem strangely tinged
with the hue of time
like faded photographs
each time I say hello
to an old friend
I feel that I am
saying goodbye
I am going to some
new place
where I have always
beyond the river
where pines echo
in the wind.
(C)May 5/85 by W.G. Milne
      Jamestown Restaurant 

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