North Bay used to have a mayor who once said on C.T.V. on a national report…talking about politics with a smile: “You know, it’s just not that serious.”
          His name was Merle Dickerson.

          Among a very rough crowd, most of us incarcerated, sometimes some monstrously muscled inmate would say: “YOU’RE A STIFF!”
               These whining fools are stiffs!

          Now this is not a compliment.
And the next things he’s liable to say to you is:
           You hang around company like this,
you gotta learn to laugh… and duck… and learn how to find weapons instantly.

           I hear all this howling and mincing and whining about how distasteful Trump is, and how he’s ruining the USA, etc. etc.  ‘ad nauseum’… and it’s pissing me off and boring me to tears.  And I don’t get bored easily.

          It’s like shit that was said about me in primary school when I was smoking behind the 5th grade fence or fondling a willing schoolgirl in the bicycle shed, skipping classes and running away (following her skirt) to the third floor of some mansion elsewhere…

           The USA is getting fucked economically, through its own stupidity.
           Trump is right about this. Steps need to be taken to revive the job market, the corporate willingness to invest in America again, reduce the cost of manufacturing.

           “Stop taxing the hell out of them”, he says and I agree.
            “Don’t judge me by what I say but what I get done,”  Well… I said that. Still it applies.

             If I can’t have fun writing these articles, I’m gonna stop writing them. Censors piss me off.  Why?  Because THEY STOP THE FLOW!

             The same thing applies to economics… Too many regulations stop the flow.

              I ask you one question. The next president – WILL HE BE AS FUNNY AS TRUMP?   

              No way!

               Humour is important.

                 Laughter is the best medicine. And it cures the soul.

                     Self-righteousness is close to

                  Hubris really pissed of the Greek gods. And it pisses off the Trickster god, also.
                  With good reason. Arrogance and excessive seriousness should be rewarded with a 90 day sentence in an all black range in the Don Jail.
                    I went through it and had fun – but I’m different. I can laugh. I don’t take myself so seriously that I’m constipated all the time.  

                   Why do I say this? Why do I bring hubris up? It’s the stultifying, brain-draining seriousness of the adult hall monitors, who watch our every step. They watch us and judge us! 

                     But they have no moral authority whatsoever. Even Putin got what Trump was doing to get elected. Any person who has studied human motivation can see it. Putin seems to be having a few good laughs these days.

                      But these moralistic fuckheads are having no laughs whatsoever. And they’re boring me!@  CNN
whine, whine, whine, judge and whine… Are they mad? They talk about Trump constantly.
Don’t they know they are very efficiently making sure that Trump will get elected again?

                      There’s irony here.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne. All rights reserved.

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