It is said in Tibet that Padma Sambava, the great patron saint (Bodhisattva) of that country, he did not throw the animistic spirits out, but rather he converted them to Buddhism
so that they could act as temple guardians.
          And so they have (had) ceremonies in Tibet where a monk would be “mounted” by such a spirit. One observer said: “When the monk is taken over by the animistic spirit, it seems that even the shape of the monk’s skull is changed.”
         This is akin to some of the things that happen in voodoo ceremonies when the priest is ‘mounted’ by the god.

          This is akin to moments in the celebration of love when the perhaps unwitting priestess is mounted by the Goddess Aphrodite. I have see this happen.
          All I can say is that this is a transporting experience beyond the possibility of verbal description. A golden light suffuses the face of the woman.
          I remember saying to such a woman once, I said that I loved her, but not to worry because I could control love. And then the full face of the goddess emerged and smiled at me.
          She said:

          “AH, BILLY, BILLY, NO ONE CAN                 CONTROL LOVE.”

And was she ever right about that!

I am certain it is important that we as ‘modern man’ understand that such events do occur. That such gods and goddesses and spirits do inhabit the earth and possess us from time to time.

As a mystic, it was essential that I understood this. You can’t get very far in becoming One with the Universe and the spirit of the conscious Earth without encountering such entities and divine presences.
          We are just learning about the power of the human mind, through the study of quantum physics and through mystic studies.
           I choose to live in a mysterious universe.

When you sit in a Place of Power and meditate –FOCUS on entering the stream of life within you: when you look within and see that your own psyche is part of a much larger merging and flux… That other spirits and the consciousnesses of various saints and Bodhisattvas will visit you – those of the past and those who live in the present ( such high Conscious spirits do not die for long) you see that you are part of a great family of minds and Mind, all under the Lord of Hosts, God of Israel and Albion, Lord of the peoples of the red earth, Lord of the Meeting Rivers, the One Who is Creating Us, and who embraces the family of man in a brilliant and translucent
shining of chaste forgiveness…  O I praise thee, Lord of Hosts. I praise the magnificence of your name.

           When these realities start passing through you, to say you are changed is an understatement. In Truth you are a different Identity when the great Liberation, foundation experience, has been attained and given to you
through the mercy of the One Who Is.

           None of this can be explained with words.
But the pathway is there, and I am not one to deny it.

           May you be blessed and strengthened in your searching. May you learn to laugh and join the dance.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

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