ON AN EVENING SUCH AS THIS —poem from a spiral notebook

Awakening at 3 A.M.
Hear voices  from the street
             people pass
Two ladies in an alley disagree
They fight – screams and shrieks
Guttural grunts, stabs and jabs
Gouge away with broken glass

A man is silent
Leans against the understanding brick

And lets them;
He doesn’t judge or bless
But let’s them pass
Down into the street
And Ford drugs

He will not guess
Seas of traffic pass
And the tides of the addict
Chemicals, heroin and flesh
The man of many ways
On the wine dark street
With Belladonna beckoning

And from a side street
The alleyways in back
He comes to consciousness
By the back door, where
The strippers smoke and certain
Purchases are made

The TV is on above the bar
And the glazed eyes on the patrons…
Outside a party girl
Engages and plays with men
Decks a policeman with her knee
And a roundhouse kick to the head
Leaves him on the pavement
And enters a restaurant

Outside a party girl
Engages and plays with men
She taunts and teases
And in this alley down the street
Gives men a sense of possibilities

On an evening such as this
We might launch a ship
Beyond the land’s grasp
Explore the light of the Pleiades.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

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