Nothing is done by the strength of my hands. All

is accomplished by the Lord of Hosts within me, the Lord of the Meeting Rivers, the TRUE ONE who can not be assessed or described – the One Who Is Creating Us.

Each day is a birthing into the City of God.


        The Parable of the Dyer is a very significant one. I wrote an article on it in the Gnostic Gospels group (You will find the group on Facebook and also on Google Plus).

One thing I love about the internet is so much can be done

with the Heart and the Mind.


         (We really ought to have a word in English that means heart-mind)


           The true dyes dissolve completely into what is being dyed. Rather like a man seeking God dissolves completely into the True One, the Christ within. As Christ dissolves completely into the seeker.
It’s a mystery how this holy communion happens. The Grace of the Father is certainly involved. The Lord of Hosts cleanses us and makes us ready for joy – this is the Eucharist indeed.
We must prepare a space within ourselves – a place where the Holy Spirit may live.

            It is a mystery how Christ lives within us – beyond birth and death, beyond time and space. The Holy One has returned across the centuries.


        There is a Knowing Experience whereby we know our soul.There is a Knowing Experience whereby we know the Holy Heart who lives within us, the Heart  who is eternal Love.

             This Experience is in no way restricted by time.



In the spirit of thankfulness,

written by W.G. Milne

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