Wednesday, February 1, 2017


  I have been asked what’s the difference between the earlier Gospel of Thomas and the later narrative Gospels in the N.T.

     The earlier gospels speak of “becoming one” with the Christ. The later gospels praise Christ for all the wrong reasons… Do we need our Christ to be a magician who does stupendous feats?
      Or do we need to feel the true compassion of the Living God’s sacrifice…He gave himself up for us… to be one with Him. He allowed his former personage to dissolve in order
that we can dissolve in him – like the true dyes. This is a
more significant sacrifice than being killed on the cross.
        He gave all of himself to be one with us. And it so happens
that when you give all – then you are able to receive  All.

        “I am he who comes from the All…

          I guess what we’re discussing are the secret teachings of Christ, as it says in the beginning of the Gospel of Thomas.
“These are the secret teachings of Didimous  Thomas.”

           His teachings are radical. And the Church of the Monopoly has turned the monopolized saviour into
the commonplace.
           Christ is not like GI Joe. He is not an action figure.
His is the saviour that can free our hearts and change us.
Realization in Christ involves a change of identity. This
is not usually understood.

It has been said: “The secret book could be left open on the King’s Highway, and no one would read it.”

No organization will ever corral His transcendent teachings.
Greed and power lust just taint the mind. Devotion to our goal
involves an inner quest:  a journey and a search “costing not less than everything.”

People no longer look for revelation in church But revelation came to me when I laboured doing the Cliff-Top writings.
Truth be told, I was living in the light of the Lord. The Lord of Hosts infused me with strength and vision, and in my mind I am certain He wrote much of those pages.

I started the sentence and He finished it, writing page after page in a state of flow that was not mine alone. In fact,
some pages I had nothing to do with other than the fact that
my hand moved with a pencil over the page.

I was trailing behind: I was understanding the top of the page
while my hand was writing the bottom of the page.

I simply do not have the audacity to write some of the things written in those pages. That’s the truth.

My fears came and went. I’d ask myself, “What am I doing up here? I have no wine to drink. And I haven’t seen a woman in weeks!  I must be mad!  
       So I prayed and asked the  Lord of Hosts; “Please, you’re going to have to give me a break here. I need you to give me a sign.”

        I walked down my path through the forest and I stood in the middle of the dirt road below, and this is what happened:

       I faced the west and a star fell down to the west. I faced north, a   shooting star fell across the sky in the north. 
A star shot down to the north – another shooting star. I faced east
and a star fell in the east. I faced south. A star shot down in the south.

       I shouted: “OK! OK!  I get it!” I felt
bad that I was such a doubter, a person who had to be
reminded again and again… Of the One who brings us Grace.

“Grace is not contained in any book. It is the sole provenance
  of the Lord”

I think it’s only fair to lay out these things that happened,
to tell you of these things. So you can make up your own mind as to what you believe.

I think I’d better send this out tonight. Because I probably
won’t have the guts to publish it in the morning.

Before I started writing this article this evening, I asked
for strength, for help because I am weak. And help did come to me.

This is past all human understanding. I have no idea how it
all works – I just know that it does work. In a mysterious way.

I don’t doubt that our Christ performed miracles. For I have seen miracles in my own day.

The greatest miracle of all is the reality that these precious Gospels have been preserved in the sands of Egypt, and they
have appeared 2,000 years after the death of Christ. A new
consciousness will arise because of these Gospels. And we
might as well call it Christ Consciousness.

 The conversion has already begun. Ideas take off across the internet like a forest fire travelling fast in the wind across the 

May we all be blessed.

Written by W.G. Milne
(C) 2016 to the author.

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