MAGNIF. 2 MAGNIFICENCE TWO         (working)

Ah yes, the stars were burning bright

When last I saw the fire in your eyes;

But then you were gone  at summer’s end

Before these snows began to rise


Wrap rugs around me,

I  sense a  Mind in the deep…

Which I  embrace as it embraces me;

I dream in  bed as I’m half awake,

Songs  singing faintly in the trees


I walk dream regions  light bright

with ice,

I travel soundlessly across frozen seas;

I read  this  ancient record

with tales of you,

Singing faintly amid the trees


I travel as I dream across the snows

Down every road you showed

to me:

Where you have gone I must learn to go

I will follow this path to thee                                                    *


The story is a long one:

in every place,

There is a record of your wanderings;

You found emeralds in the East,

True wealth in that hidden place,

Here where   where you found your unity.


There are angels whose names no man knows,

A chorus of saints  watch over you;

And the fallen ones and the rolling beast,

Cannot prevent my return to you.


There are demons  whose names

I will not speak,

Ones not bound by mortality;

A ship with red sails  in the East

Bring remnants of your archaeology.


I too am going to that holy place,

Across the river with its shades;

It will be morning before I wake,

As the boatman sings   to me,

I know this dream now will not fade:

I pray the  Lord our  souls  to keep.

*  *  *



©2014 by  W.G.Milne



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