flesh on mainstreet


On the curb, he considers his options,
Which way to go into the day?
Following the courses of the city tides,
It is almost evening.

Neon lights are
The moon of these streets…
Knowing no season,
The city will not  change its face;
It will continue in its grind and pace,
Consuming us.

He admits it.
He follows Lady through the trafficways:

“If not for her many faces I would
be wise to her.But she loses me always
I see her disappearing in her yellow dress
At Bay and Dundas. She smiles and waves at me.
She is the Goddess from eternal seas;
In the hips of every lady of the street,
I see Her breathe.  I need
Her pulse and breath. I need her ,
Though she gives so little to me;
She saps me, as I drink from her purse.”


unfinished  — add further verses

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