boats-in-harbous2015-12-22 01.38.15 (2).jpg NIGHTSCAPE AT THE CLIFF

Out of misery

May come strength,

Out of weakness

May come the Will;

Out of doubt

Comes certainty:

All hunger may be filled.



Spend a night

In the chapel

Of the Black Hand,

In your Grail Quest,

Solitary, without friends,

On your own you will stand

To atone, find home.



The inner soul

May touch  galaxies,

The most distant of journeys

Begins with one step.

Fear not,

You don’t need a car:


 Christ  resides with you

The cosmos from you, it is not far,

There is one Divine Mind in the Universe

It is your Identity.


The destination is not far,

Liberation will come to you.


There is nothing you need to know,

There is nowhere you need to go:


There is nowhere to go

But where you are.




(C)1980 – 2016 by W.G. Milne








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