This is not the article I meant to write  this morning. But intentions count for little in this world. The question is, how soon can I get into the glow, the flow. Ho! Ho! That was a


                I likely should become awake before I bake this cake.


                   Paddy’s passing is a shock. And

the fact that he may have turned into that weird bird was most surprising to me. Nevertheless, stranger things have happened both in Paddy’s life and in mine.

                            And the possibility of a human mind, sharing a

bird’s brain with the bird , is not unknown in fine literature.

(Or in psychic, mythological and mystic writings.)

And it’s strangely appropriate to Paddy.


Many times, unexpectedly, usually in a fast-moving boat or vehicle, he’d leap up suddenly

and shout:





And now that I think about it, his howling

sounded very like that strange big bird honking and hooting yesterday.


        I’m not asking you to believe me. It’s

the sort of thing you have to experience for yourself. And everyone might experience the same event differently, depending on what kind of life you choose.

        I choose to live in a mysterious universe. And now that I’ve made that choice, I’m not sure I have a choice.


2016-03-17 00.13.34 (2).jpg LAUGHING BEAR use quote in article

  Paddy rides again!


                                               (C) 2016 by W.G. Milne



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