Thursday, August 25, 2016


1.      The war on drugs has been a sham from the beginning. We should legalize all drugs and medically monitor their use. You say that things would run rampant, that madness would ensue.
          Have you looked carefully around at our inner city streets? Drugs run rampant now – just not clean drugs.
           By doing this we’d empty half the jails.
Would it be expensive to do this? Yes, it would be expensive – but not nearly as expensive 
as is the situation now. And we would have
a more humane society.
             This approach would put a large number of police out of work. It would also devastate the Drug Industry (the illegal one).
Many of the dealers I know would be out of work…
            But then there would be a legal industry.

            Canada and the USA have the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world.
           Does this make us the land of the free?
            Not exactly.

            I’ll touch upon all the points these cultural heroes make. But there’s really no need. They express the situation exceedingly well themselves.

(C)2016 by W.G.Milne  


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