RED WOMAN enlarged detail

When I was living in small rooms all through the City of Toronto, I started to have
visions of paradise – and not a future
Paradise, either – but a present time living every day paradise. 
        I saw it in the grass around me, in the flowers in their beds, in wild growing plants in the bush, in the stars in the sky, in the blood red
wine in the  crystal goblet, in the swellings of
a beautiful girl. All was part of One all-embracing paradisal glory and Grace that suffused the green shoots of everything.
        I had had that ego annihilation experience,
and I walked in the parks and streets for three days and nights, absorbed in the divinity
of all things. Dark glasses had been removed
from my eyes, dawn was coming, and I saw the chastity of  our Father, the Creating One,
in all things.
      After my Realization ( foundation experience) I walked in a new heaven and earth. The immaculate cosmos shone forth
everywhere… I guess it was my eyes that had been new.
       There is no explaining such events. I can only say that the Liberation experience is here,
and it can be found by anyone who is willing
to give up enough in the inner search, so as to find the meaning of Identity.

      During this experience I wrote a chapter in what I’ll call The Poet’s Testament. The fact of the matter is – I though I was writing a New Testament with the guidance of the Father.
       I’ve been to jail several times. I thought I’d be killed or jailed again if I called the book,
THE NEW TESTAMENT, so I backed off
and reduced the name.

       In this period, also, I wrote “The Father Poems”, which I have just discovered in my files once again.
       I’ll publish one of these poems here,
if I may.

Here’s one:

        Father, when I am worthy

to write such poems
       Let me find the poems

of the True one.
         For as you are the Father, Lord,
         I would be your son.
         And as you are true, Father,

I would be a true one and

write the Word of Truth.

         There are many spirits,

Father, in the Psyche’s Dark.

But I would lift your light high,

Father, if I am worthy…
        If it shall be, Father, Father let it be.

        Father, when I am worthy

to write such poems

        Let me find the poems

of the True One.

(C)2016 by W.G. Milne

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