Saturday, August 13, 2016


There is a cricket who lives with me now. I like 
the sound of his cheeping. It reminds me of the tropics. 
Last week it felt like the tropics in northern Ontario. 
I would have gone to the bush, but it was too hot.
        Anyway, two days ago the bush came to me
 in the form of a cricket. He’s a fairly big bug and 
I would have stomped on him until I realized 
it was my little buddy.
        Now he moves from room to room with me. 
When I play music in the front room, pretty soon 
he starts to sing along. When I go to sleep (at any time 
of day or night)I move to the bedroom. He comes over
to the bedroom and sings me to sleep there.
        I had a thought:  “Gee, this cricket must be getting
hungry.”   So I looked up what crickets eat. I found out
they eat anything. Fruit, cabbage, leave a little piece
of meat out for them, they’ll eat meat, too. Or chicken.
Crickets are real scavengers, but then, so are we.
          You have to leave a little water out for them.
I’ve done that, so that’s OK. If you leave crickets
in a cage together and you don’t feed them, crickets
will eat other crickets.
        I’m going to play a few songs on this recent video
I’m putting together, give my little pal something
to play along with.
       The music starts up and in a minute his singing
along. It’s a very pleasant sound.
       “Good boy,” I say to him.

                                                        (C)2016 by W.G. Milne
SELF-LOGO THREE****Screenshot from 2013-12-08 21:56:39

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