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These are the words of Jesus, the Christ, the

holy or Anointed One.

          The  words in the title of this article comes from the Gospel of Thomas, which many scholars  have concluded is the Source gospel of the gospels that appear in the Bible.

          The fact that Thomas is older is apparent

as soon as you  first read the gospel for yourself.

There is no finely honed narrative line about the

life of Jesus.

          Not much of a story at all, compared to

the Bible gospels. As Northrop Frye kept

repeating to our seminar group – “The narrative

form is a later literary form.”

          In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus speaks

most of the parables we come to know later in the 

Biblical gospels. But there is almost no

 story-telling narrative

          The narrative line that fills the later gospels,

Matthew, Mark. Luke and John,

 scarcely exists in the Gospel of Thomas.

         What you have in Thomas is a series of

question and answer sessions, rather like the

sessions we read about in early zen books.

The monk, the seeker asks a question. The 

master makes an answer – but it is never

an intellectual answer.

           The teacher might give you a slap,

 hit you with a stick, or say something that sounds like nonsense at the time…But he’s not about

to explain anything to you. He understands

very well that the “truth” can never be

explained: it must be Known ( not thought

about). It must be experienced.

          It is the same situation with Jesus Christ

and his disciples in the Gospel of Thomas.

For example, a disciple asks: “Master, 

where is the kingdom of heaven?”

          And the teacher answers, “If you go to the sky,

the birds will precede you. If you search for heaven 

in the sea, the fish will precede you… …  

But the kingdom of heaven is within you.

 And the Kingdom  is spread out upon the earth, and men see it not.”

          Quick and to the point. It is difficult to

misinterpret many of the statements made in the 

Gospel of Thomas.

           Of course, those  who insist on

pushing forward their own point of view can

misinterpret anything.


           The emphasis that the Empire Church

has put on the message of Christ is that Jesus

Christ is SO SPECIAL  none of us can be

like him.

           Well, it is said he was the son of God

and he came from a virgin birth, and he performed miracles, and there was a star in the East. The

same thing was said of Mithra and too many

other god-kings to mention…

             But why is it stressed that the Christ is

so ‘special?’ For this goes exactly against His


              Why? Why did they re-create the attributes

of the Christ so as to make him unattainable in our minds,

unreachable as the basic goal of meditation.

               You can’t REALIZE THE CHRIST within you…  If he is made to be  a water-walking, storm-calming,

from -the- dead- raising, demon-expelling heroic

action figure. Like GI Joe. 

               We all know these TV action figures do

impossible feats, which are fun to watch but which

we never try to do ourselves.

                But G.I. Joe is a plastic doll…. a toy that

kids can play with at the kitchen table as mother is

making breakfast…I’m surprised they didn’t make

their version of the Christ into a plastic hero doll…

… Oh, no! I forgot… they did!

              What happens if the Christ is made out

to be such a hero? Well… then he can beMONOPOLIZED

and  sold as you  sell a product. Christ, as he

has come down to us,  He has been packaged,

shelved, and given a brand name –

he has been patented. And you’d better not infringe

the patent!


              You see the point?

               Now a certain smallish group of

people have been restricting access to this unique

big time hero doll that no one else can hope to emulate.

Because he is so unique, and also He is the Source of Truth, which the whole world wishes

to partake of….and if he is so special, so

unique…  …   … well, people will pay anything

to get a piece of the action. 

          It becomes a mercenary situation.

          You wish to attain forgiveness. You

must pay for forgiveness… and I could go on

for a long time about the different ramifications

of all the wrongs that have been done.

            OK! OK!  But this kind of belly-aching doesn’t help much. What helps is if someone lays

down how it really works… what is the essence

of what this great healer emerging out of the Essene community, the Teacher of Righteousness,

what is the essence of what he is saying?

             The essence is this: “When you

realize ‘what it is’, what I am.  this truth that I embody,   when you come to Know me, you

will know yourself.  For what I am you shall be,

and the hidden things will be revealed

to you…”

             In other words, there will be nothing

hidden to you.


               Another way of putting it is: 


      This is the important point. This is the truth that is told in the earliest gospels… Christ: “I am as close to you as your very breath.”



These are  some of the earliest recorded

(copied down) words of Christ.
       The saviour who says these words is not an

action figure.  And He doesn’t exist in the past.

 He exists right here and now. And this very moment he sits right beside you, “As close to you as your very breath.”

        It is important that in this country we get

these basic facts right… that we get the straight

goods.  We have been told a fairy tale for too


          This is serious business!  This is life or

death… of our people and of our culture. 

           We rise or fall as a people in so far

as we attain this basic realization.


             When you go into the woods with your

close friends and you light a fire and you drink

some wine and you eat whatever mind-rocking

indigenous plants are available, and you look

into the fire….and you clear your mind… this

is the voice that is speaking out of the fire.

             The voice is here and now. God

is within you. Christ is your ultimate nature.

Come to this voice inside yourself… and you

will have found the Key to life eternal.



           The I AM existing in  

            I AM THAT I AM 

This is the voice that speaks within you.          

The  I AM in: 


This is the voice that speaks within you.

And if you listen very carefully, and if you

discard all your preconceptions, you will

Realize this voice… And the world will change

for you.

              When we touch the sacred nature

of the holy path of the real God, when we hear

His voice, when we taste him in the smoke

of the peace pipe of your circle, when

the sanctity of the One who is 

creating all things caresses you… you will not

need any other caress, for you realize

that all affection comes from the same Source…


             And I praise thee, O holy One, you

are the source of all our strength.You are

 all our love…I praise thee…

the God of Jacob, the God of Abraham, 

the One who rides the clouds, the One who speaks from

on high, the Lord of the Meeting Rivers, the

Lord of all the countries of the earth, like sands

of the seas, this is the ancient holiness that you

partake of. This is the holiness that is immaculate

and new.

          This is the gift I bring to you.

          “He was nailed to a tree and he became

the fruit of the Knowledge of the Father. The

fruit did not, however, cause destruction

because it was eaten, but to those who ate it,

it gave cause to become glad in the discovery.

and he discovered them in himself, and they

discovered him in themselves.”

                                           The Gospel of Truth


          There really was a Teacher of Righteousness

emerging out of the Essene community. The

Essene people were great healers, and this man in particular was a great teacher and healer. This

man was crucified  in 65 B.C.

           This is a true, historical figure.



             Taste the vision of the ancients,

the vision that is holiness, the vision

that manna gives to  wanderers in the desert.

              We are walking in the desert,

even know. For life without the Knowledge

of God is a desert, make no mistake.

               Without this Knowledge

We walk in the valley of death, alone.

We walk in the wilderness, far from our


             Until Vision is awakened

within us… and when vision awakes

within us, we see we are in the holy city

and we have always been in the holy city.


         When things become wrong,

evil, lost… this is when we are living in

ignorance. We have forgotten that the holy

altar  exists. And there are meanings to

be achieved within it, within the circle

of the holy tabernacle of God… 

          Meanings that have been with us

from the beginning.

            This is the Second Coming of Christ,

            “And he shall be as I am, and I shall be he.”

       The  NEW  Christ Consciousness arising from the miraculous find  at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945… 2000 years after the crucifixion: He has come again.              

            “Whoever finds the explanation of these

words will not taste death”

                                       The Gospel of Thomas. 


This is the promise our Christ gives us.


 *                            (C)2016 by W.G. Milne             


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