Sunday, July 10, 2016


          But what if I’m not?

           I’m the asshole from a good family, making an exorbitant wage, who threw it all away to paddle off into the deep bush…
          Why?  Because I had seen certain signs
in the heart of the wilderness.

            And when I told a few people about these overwhelming signs… did anybody tell me to carry on, to keep doing what I had been doing?  Only a very few people had the nerve to talk to me at all. One or two of my close friends
whispered to me that I should carry on.
            I had a 1000 acre dairy farm once. And I worked and worked at it. And I was studying Law at the university at the same time. In early
January, the floor of the barn froze That wasn’t such a big problem. 
            But in February, when he had to start
baling the barn with milk pails… and the freezing cold water had risen up to the ankles of 180 Holstein dairy cows, and the cows would no longer “let their milk down”… we had major problems
           The old man had told me to buy a farm.
He wanted a vast area of land on which to grow potatoes. We had talked many nights, laughing about a whole lot of things –  but I do not think I ever heard the words, “Potatoes Farm”.
      Nope never heard such a thing at all.
 So I bought this rather large dairy farm… large for Northern Ontario is what I’m saying.

I had purchased these properties because:

            My father, with his bags packed, had left Canada and had set out on another voyage of exploration. This time he was convinced there was much to be learned in the area around the
the huge cavern in the earth known as the Black Sea.
            I wanted to say, “Father, you’re too sick and too old to head off on an enterprise like this… Your doctor said you have 60 days to live.”

What are you thinking?


That is what he said. This is what he always was thinking.
         O.K. There is no way you can make an argument with words like this. How can you say you do or don’t agree? There’s no adequate
counter-argument to be made against
declarations of faith and hope.

           So then I went off into the bush again and started building. There are many people
who make disparaging remarks against the
Indians in this land. Many folks thought I was mad. Yet when I had some project which required heading off into God’s Country for several months. No one except my native brothers would have any notion about coming with me, with or without wages.

         Let me say, in these somewhat lengthy trips into the Great Beyond, not all of us came back. And for those of you who are chuckling at me now. Those allies who perished… none of them died because I shot them. I say this just to set things straight.

         Now my dad never discovered Gobekli Tepe. But he had a sense.  He has a sense that it was there.

          I didn’t tell anyone the voices and visions I had seen north of here…over vast calm lakes,
way past the lights of the stars and moon…
words spoken by no one since Genesis. I managed not to speak a word.
          Not a word, after the first trip anyway…

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down

One of my favourite songs of the Beatles. John’s voice & intensity makes it.

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