Terence McKenna: Jesus Christ & Christianity

He’s not correct about everything.  There are 52 books in the Nag Hammadi Library. He omits the brilliant coherence of some of the early gospels… which are Christian.
       Plato’s “Republic” is also found in the discovery of 1945, Upper Egypt. 
      Some of the Gnostic texts are exactly as he describes, but
by no means all of them.
      His account of John Allegro’s courageous position is accurate. A Russian scientist and scientists from around the world have supported and approved of John Marco Allegro’s
       The Teacher of Righteousness, a healer out of the Essene community, was crucified in 65 B.C. It is very possible that the story of Jesus Christ originated with this person.
       There is much in the Bible that has been miss-translated,
often deliberately. The sacred mushroom is at the core of New Testament code words.
        None of this worries me a bit, nor does it shake the knowledge I have in this matters.  Jesus Christ, whoever He is and wherever He is born, He is Christ Consciousness to me.               And this Consciousness comes and goes like the wind
and can arise, now more than ever in the minds of men.

        Terence McKenna was a brilliant and amazingly articulate man, and perhaps more important – he’s funny, too.















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