Somehow, as the story goes,

the female residents mated with the

bull weasels know as “devil beasts”

or wolverines – and a half-humanoid,

half weasel  race began. But this

wasn’t the cause.


The cause was the military gene splicing.

GMO experiments began, at that

installation on the shores of the

of the Arctic Sea.


Now it must be remembered, an otter

is a weasel,and the otter is a very

clever beast with a tendency to be


I was paddling a canoe along the shore

of Poplar Lake at dusk. I came upon an otter

family sliding down a wet rock and

splashing into the lake. They were making

high pitched squealing noises almost as

if they were laughing.


I glided by so quietly in the semi-dark

across the calm lake, that the otters

scarcely noticed me. My presence did not

bother them. For once a human being

was being quiet. The otters don’t really have

a lot to be afraid of in the Martin River

area. Their attitude seemed to be

“live and let live” and this was my

inclination as well.


The wolverine is the king of

all weasels. He does not believe

in “live and let live” He has an inbred tendency

to attack the balls of 2000 pound Kodiak bears.

A wolverine will driver a huge bear away

from its food.

Mating with such a weasel is no joke,

And such actiovity ought to

be avoided at all costs – if the penetratee

has any choice at all in the matter.

The native women had no such choice,

so they should never be described as “weasel-whores”

or any such name-calling appellations.


It is said their eyes glowed yellow in the dark,

and their piss smelt worse than a skunk’s spray –

and they pissed all over the food of trappers and

ripped their sheets and blankets to shreds and shat

all over their pillows, and ejaculated inside the soft

down to make an odor so foul as to be scarcely

imaginable to city folk.


This evolution of beast-man

intimidated the native tribes to the south… For

not only did these big-brained

weasel minds know for certain when they were

being tracked, they had the lust of ten-peckered owls

and their snarling mawed minds were filled with a

deep desire to fuck all trackers-trappers’ brains loose.


As if the smell were not bad enough, the vision of

some mad 200 pound weasel horny as 12 sled dogs

in the spring, that notion, that vision was far worse

than any smell could be.


After the military started their genetic modification

experiments – splicing human and wolverine DNA

together into one new strain… After these experiments

started, (ten years after) that’s when the

bizarre occurences started to happen up and down

the Mackenzie River.

It was a shock to us all.


The mind of the wolverine is devious. The mind

of man is sneaky and devious… vengeful and sadistic

with a twisted sense of humour The experiments

were successful, if you want to call this horrific

mixture a success.


The new wolverine grew in size. It was bigger

and faster and mean as a snake. It wanted to eat

practically everything that moved. Its lust increased

into a dangerous thing. Unfortunate incidents

began to occur.


As I say, before we’d take a shotgun with us to

the outhouse. Now what you wanted was a shotgun

and two armed guards to accompany you every

step of the way.


In those early days after the Incineration,

we were forced to eat anything that crawled, walked,

scuttled or slithered, there were very few women

with us in WAIT-A-BIT. So the wolverines

started raping the men.


Everybody with any brains started the long

trek towards the East. Some of the trekkers

went no farther than the encampments

and dwellings of the Cave Bear People – that

notorious tribe of trappers and magicians.

I know more than I’m ever going to admit

about their dark ceremonies.


East of the Cave Bear People, that’s

where the military had started their DNA

splicing experiments, The military had been

there about ten years, so I’m told.

It was just two years ago that Artie

got nailed from behind by a huge weasel

that wanted only one thing – Artie’s ass.

Artie has never been the same since.


But who has? Who has?

In WAIT-A-BIT! none of us are normal.




There are several more stories in the WAIT-A-BIT!

series that involve the modified king weasels,

the “devil beasts”


(C)2016 by W. G. Milne




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