That God created  anciently is not so,

For all things are birthing new today;

And if there is a truth all men must know:

It’s that there is no past, all things are present day.


As we search for beauty, we know that beauty dies,

And all the world is set in depths of pain;

And as we search for truth, where lasting truth                          resides,

We learn the only absolute is change.


All across the world it is this way,

Truth rings a bell and then the temple sings:

All we crave keeps disappearing down a drain;

As sun and moon keep circling one vast ring.


And as we search and learn that life and death are so,

Rains hit hard and the stormy winds do blow;

And after all my travelling coast to coast, I learn

Round the world two times through heat and ice and                snow:


Your loving heart is all I need to know;

Your sweet sweet love is all I need to know.







(C) 2016 by W. G. Milne



One thought on “YOUR LOVING HEART

  1. And your loving heart is all I need to know! Your girl is lovely……

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