Your Loving Heart






That God before created is not so,

For all things are birthing new today;

And if there is a truth all men must know:

It’s that there is no past,

All’s in present play.


As we search for beauty, we know that beauty dies;

And all the world is set in depths of pain.

And as we search for truth, where lasting truth resides,

We learn the only absolute is change.


All across the world it is this way,

The truth’s bell sounds and the temple sings;

All we crave keeps disappearing down the drain,

As sun and moon keep circling one vast ring.


And as we search and learn that life and death are so,

The seasons change and the wind does blow:

Your sweet sweet love is all I need to know;

Your loving heart is all I need to know.




(C)2016 by W.G. Milne







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