Life is a long road and we meet many

travellers along the way. We do plenty of dark

and twisted things in order to find satisfaction –

sexual satisfaction, that is.


After several decades of messing about,

we come to a place where we dedicate ourselves

to the semi-chastity of marriage. Marriage is

a kind of communion with the One Who Is

Creating Us.


Then when we get older, the sexual

interplay becomes less interesting.

Another marriage becomes all important.

That is the marriage between man and his

God ( and when I say man I mean woman

as well).


Then when we have spent some

time in meditative sitting, we still

have questions. And we ask a

question of the void, we throw a

question into the Void.

And if we spend some time in

silence, quite to our surprise – an

answer comes.


The answer comes

in a voice we know is not our own.

The other day I felt quite burdened

because of the Clifftop Writings. I had

spent years writing them, and I knew

that some of the writing was not

done in my own voice.

There were periods of time

when I was understanding the top

of the page, but my hand was

writing the bottom of the page,

words that I did not understood

as yet – words that I might never



Because I was totally focused

on the Nag Hammadi Gospels,

my focus was also on the wisdom

of the Father, the Lord of Hosts,

the person the Gospels spoke of,

who was the invisible presence

upon the cliff with me. I knew

that it was He who was the one

who was finishing the



I have not read all of the Nag

Hammadi Library,

It is a great ocean of truths,

and at times excessive complexities,

which I did not swim across



For that matter I have not read

all my own words, all that was

written in that holy place.


Recently I thought I was

about to die. And my job

was not finished, not by a long


So I prayed to the Father,

the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of

Abraham and Jacob, the Lord of

Israel and Albion, the Lord of the

Meeting Rivers….

And I said, “I don’t want to die

and find that this book is lost,

because of the Grace that is in it.”


I got an answer about a day

later. The Voice said: “Grace is

not contained in any book; it

is the sole provenance

of the Lord.”


Well, that was a relief.

But it also meant I had been

off course in my thinking. I

was getting too self-important



I had forgotten

my own prayer:

“Without you I am nothing.

I am a husk only, an empty  vessel;

I have no strength but that which

you have given me, O Holy One,

God of gods, you who are

creating the world:.

Thank you for your gifts, thank

you for your Grace, thank you for

the strength you give to all of us.”


The teachers have been saying

that God created the world. But this

is not correct. The world is being

created every minute, every second.

Change is an absolute.

And there is intelligence

at the heart of it.




(C)2016 by w.g.milne






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