“Past The Second Reef”






Krista  said I’m the only person she knows that has a picture of himself on his living room wall. Well, this is true and the fact that I like that picture does not make me an unredeemable sociopath with psychotic tendencies… whatever anybody says, I don’t believe that shit -and I’ve spent several thousand hours with a psychiatrist – so I must know what I’m talking about, no?

I’m just kidding around – fun with paintings and fat brush drawings on the computer. I love colour! Cheers me up. Especially

in mid February when we can get  bummed out and whited out and

depressed by the darkness, colour can help. Helps me, anyway.

Fat brush drawing below is called, “Beyond the Second Reef”…

that’s how it feels to me.

I used to live by the ocean on the north coast of Jamaica. There were two reefs between me and the Cayman Trench. When snorkeling one time, I broke through the second reef and saw the massive, mountainside like steep drop into darkness that is the Cayman Trench.

I’ve limbed several mountains – one in the Rockies, one in Arizona, and one in Europe. But I had never seen anything like that massive steep slope into darkness. And it was a shock because I’d been following the ocean bottom about 30 feet below me.

Suddenly the ocean floor dropped into this deep slope – bigger than any mountain I had seen in my life. Scared the hell out of me.

I did a fast crawl back to the boat which was a few hundred yards

over towards the shore. And I climbed up over the side of the boat

in a hurry.

But the drawing of the 2nd reef is not about the dark menace below. It’s how the second reef felt above the water on a warm sunny day. Knowing there is a lot of ocean beyond.






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