The American electorate is angry, pissed off and generally

infuriated by the greed- head cash-sucking upper one percent,

who make on average something like 433 times the average

salary of the working man.



This is the largest split between rich and poor on earth!

And Wall street is up to its ass in fraud. The gap is larger than even the peasants and warrior chieftans in Somolia. At least everone gets

their share of ghat in Somolia. In the US, only the really rich

get to snort the good stuff.

People are sick of this unequal shit. People are vomiting

over these falsely-honest, twisted lying politicians with political-

spiels that cover the untruths with a thin layer of phoniness.

They don’t even bother to hide their lies convincingly!


They seem impressed with themselves, puffed up, that they

have created this gigantic messed up abusive terrain of mendacity …

all based in their scarcely respected  country of avarice.


The USA gap between salaries of the RICH and POOR

is greater than the gap in SOMOLIA. It never was this bad except

maybe at the heart of the DARK AGES – back to the feudal system,

long before the average surf had a vote – long before Magna Carta,

only then were things this bad.

Eventually at that time, centuries ago, the people

gained some rights. Because everybody rebelled at the same time –

they knew they were getting fucked beyond any name or colour of

reason. Year after year they ( the serfs) were screwed out of the fruits

of their labour. And on their wedding night, the local nobility

got to screw their wives first.  So the serfs were getting screwed


That’s enough to get anybody’s goat.

Some fat, greasy, evil-smelling “noble” was tupping your

white ewe, on your wedding night.

Who knew what diseases she got from that? And of course

any noble pestilence your brand new wife got – you (the husband)

were going to get it, too.


Back to 21st century America – oh,

things are so much better now. Ho! Ho! Aren’t they?

Maybe not.


Look around you… check out your environment. Check out your

blood pressure and mad stress level. Then check your bank balance…

Then tell me how well you are doing. At least no one gets to bang

your wife before you do on your wedding night – at least

not yet.



OK this is kind of a digression, but not really. You’re still

being fucked – it’s just in a different apeture now – the

financial one.

We thought we were so liberated. We thought

we were so free.


This is why all the establishment candidates

are getting their asses kicked. Something is fundamentally

wrong and it has to be fixed. The scales of justice are

skewed . The playing field is not level. We have to climb

a hill just to serve lunch to our bosses


People are pissed and the wind is just starting to

blow back into the faces of the one percent.

It’s no accident that the two candidates

who are doing well are the two people

who are not beholden to Wall St: Donald

Trump and Bernie Sanders. Neither of them

have huge superpacs; neither of them are accepting

huge sums from lobbyists. People are sick

of elections that are bought by the obscenely



It’s GOON TIME and the rich will soon be

hearing shocking and unpleasant knocks on

their  back doors.


You can FUCK some of the people some of the time.

But as New Hampshire results prove –

you can’t fuck all of the people all of the time!




CRUZ is has no problem with dirty tactics, having his

supporters publish flagrant lies about each of the other

candidates. He’s a lawyer and he’s a tricky bastard and I kind of like

him for that – but not too much.


RUBIO is too young, ineperienced. He talks too fast and

in a robotic fashion. He speeches sound memorized.

He must learn to pace himself… slow the hell down…

Learn how to deliver a punch line.


Kasich’s  honesty and positive campaigning may start to

pay off, or it may not. Of all of the candidates, he is the one who

looks most presidential. But is he nasty enough?

Does he have enough edge?


I like Trump. At least he’s entertaining. That’s a big plus to me.

Leaders should be a little fun… I sure hope he’s not a dangerous

maniac… nah, he opposed Iraq. And most maniacs get broke

before long.



As I say, “we the people” are extremely sick of Washinton corruption.

The Supreme Court Decision called Citizen United

really screwed the pooch… really fucked up the country.

Corruption  was codefied.


The Billions paid out by the multi-billionaire corporations – Big Oil, Big Pharma, Obscenely engorged Wall Street… and their representatives…

Big fee lobbyists offering massive cash in bribes to buy

representatives running for Congress. The job of the lobbyists is to

purchase representatives – purchase the Senate and Congress


The USA supreme court through Citizen United ruled

that CASH is the free speech of Corporations, and should be protected  as such. Just as the free speech of human beings is protected by the US Constitution, so should the cash speaking

of corporations.

It means that the elections of the U.S.of A. can be BOUGHT



People lost all faith, all trust, all respect in the so-called ‘democratic’

electoral process – after Citizen’s United.

Every elected representative  was bribed and Wall Street was gettiing

richer – they were becoming disgustingly wealthy,

without doing much work.


And what about the average Joe, the average worker?

He is getting butt-fucked at noon on national T.V!


of course, everybody knows it. They can SEE IT HAPPENING!


SANDERS IS BEATING establishment candidate Hillory

like a belly-crawling  egg-sucking dog. The public trough is

slammed shut. The lid of the cookie jar is screwed tight.

No more money for honey. She and her husband had sapped

the strength and monetary well-being of the nation

for the last time.


The weirdly unbalanced scales of financial renumeration

was never addressed or fixed by The Clintons. They were selling

their people into a pseudo slavery.


So were the Bushes, but the Bushes did far worse. They opened the door for the

war profiteers. They opened the barn door wide. Of course, first

they had to start a war. No problem.

Tell the same lie over and over again: it becomes the

truth. One of Hitler’s publicity people said that.

They made money when the bombs were being dropped;

then they made a fortune re-building the devastated

landscape.   (See Haliburton, etc.)


It wasn’t fair. It hasn’t been right. And the voters of the

United States don’t like the taste of it.


There’s only so much shit one person  will eat.

There are only so many lies “we the people”

will swallow.


Time’s up!


(C)2016 by W.G. Milne,

John Rock Corporation






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