Life is a long road and we meet many

travellers along the way. We do plenty of dark

and twisted things in order to find satisfaction –

sexual satisfaction, that is.


After several decades of messing about,

we come to a place where we dedicate ourselves

to the semi-chastity of marriage. Marriage is

a kind of communion with the One Who Is

Creating Us.


Then when we get older, the sexual

interplay becomes less interesting.

Another marriage becomes all important.

That is the marriage between man and his

God ( and when I say man I mean woman

as well).


Then when we have spent some

time in meditative sitting, we still

have questions. And we ask a

question of the void, we throw a

question into the Void.

And if we spend some time in

silence, quite to our surprise – an

answer comes.


The answer comes

in a voice we know is not our own.

The other day I felt quite burdened

because of the Clifftop Writings. I had

spent years writing them, and I knew

that some of the writing was not

done in my own voice.

There were periods of time

when I was understanding the top

of the page, but my hand was

writing the bottom of the page,

words that I did not understood

as yet – words that I might never



Because I was totally focused

on the Nag Hammadi Gospels,

my focus was also on the wisdom

of the Father, the Lord of Hosts,

the person the Gospels spoke of,

who was the invisible presence

upon the cliff with me. I knew

that it was He who was the one

who was finishing the



I have not read all of the Nag

Hammadi Library,

It is a great ocean of truths,

and at times excessive complexities,

which I did not swim across



For that matter I have not read

all my own words, all that was

written in that holy place.


Recently I thought I was

about to die. And my job

was not finished, not by a long


So I prayed to the Father,

the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of

Abraham and Jacob, the Lord of

Israel and Albion, the Lord of the

Meeting Rivers….

And I said, “I don’t want to die

and find that this book is lost,

because of the Grace that is in it.”


I got an answer about a day

later. The Voice said: “Grace is

not contained in any book; it

is the sole provenance

of the Lord.”


Well, that was a relief.

But it also meant I had been

off course in my thinking. I

was getting too self-important



I had forgotten

my own prayer:

“Without you I am nothing.

I am a husk only, an empty  vessel;

I have no strength but that which

you have given me, O Holy One,

God of gods, you who are

creating the world:.

Thank you for your gifts, thank

you for your Grace, thank you for

the strength you give to all of us.”


The teachers have been saying

that God created the world. But this

is not correct. The world is being

created every minute, every second.

Change is an absolute.

And there is intelligence

at the heart of it.




(C)2016 by w.g.milne








  1.  (Going clockwise from the left) Tree bathed in celestial

light, I call, “ILLUMINATION”, though I seem to have lost the top of the tree. 2. Young woman in Acapulco overlooks the bay.

3. Bright road painting called, “WILD KINDOM”.


(I have to publish this in order to send it so I’ll keep names

out of it. Hope all is well).



(C)2016 by W.G. Milne





















“Past The Second Reef”






Krista  said I’m the only person she knows that has a picture of himself on his living room wall. Well, this is true and the fact that I like that picture does not make me an unredeemable sociopath with psychotic tendencies… whatever anybody says, I don’t believe that shit -and I’ve spent several thousand hours with a psychiatrist – so I must know what I’m talking about, no?

I’m just kidding around – fun with paintings and fat brush drawings on the computer. I love colour! Cheers me up. Especially

in mid February when we can get  bummed out and whited out and

depressed by the darkness, colour can help. Helps me, anyway.

Fat brush drawing below is called, “Beyond the Second Reef”…

that’s how it feels to me.

I used to live by the ocean on the north coast of Jamaica. There were two reefs between me and the Cayman Trench. When snorkeling one time, I broke through the second reef and saw the massive, mountainside like steep drop into darkness that is the Cayman Trench.

I’ve limbed several mountains – one in the Rockies, one in Arizona, and one in Europe. But I had never seen anything like that massive steep slope into darkness. And it was a shock because I’d been following the ocean bottom about 30 feet below me.

Suddenly the ocean floor dropped into this deep slope – bigger than any mountain I had seen in my life. Scared the hell out of me.

I did a fast crawl back to the boat which was a few hundred yards

over towards the shore. And I climbed up over the side of the boat

in a hurry.

But the drawing of the 2nd reef is not about the dark menace below. It’s how the second reef felt above the water on a warm sunny day. Knowing there is a lot of ocean beyond.








The painting above was originally called, “On The Horns of a Dilemma.” I do believe I painted it when I was locked up somewhere. If you’re in the same room with it, it’s quite

intense. And if you’re high, forget-about-it! Paddy was staring at it for some hours one night, when he was in a “weird” state of mind.

I used to have this painting at the foot of my bed, but I had to move it.  Paddy’s right!



This fun sketch below is called, “Mugga, Mugga, Mugga” and I have no idea why. I must have known at the time .

2. Paddy says it moves at Night;      mask from Cook Islands or Fiji

It occurred to me that maybe I talk too much, so I’m messing around with photographs and paintings to lighten things up.




Valley of death


Yeah, it’s a new day

And a new age

And there’s a new book

And we turn the page


The jouney started

A long, long time ago

Now it’s our turn

One more land to go

(alt: So join me on the road)










Remember Daniel

In the lion’s den

Remember Samuel,

He knew where and when

Remember Jacob

His ladder to the sky

REMEMBER…you just might find why










Hi Gary. these are lines from one of my

“northern reggae” songs…. Thought you might like.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Cheers,     Bill






I’ll write you a prescription;

I’ll write it with honey and blood;

With scraps of newspapers, spring waters

Evergreen berries and mud.

With stars that shine so brightly

On the brilliant axel tree,

Tree on which the world turns –

Leaving you and me to stare

Across the waters by the moon.

And to wonder about the promises

We made, or why the time came

So late or so soon.


And wonder where the

many-coloured river of lights leads us,

Day to day. And why it didn’t turn out

Another way.


We are here now with the lights flashing

And the silence of the sea, ships passing.

And suddenly a fish jumps!

Go ahead, laugh! the wild gull of freedom

Waits, and screams his half-mad

Wisdom scream.


And what do I have but words

To reach you across the distances?

I have my kiss,

I have a flood of freshwater tears.


All the stories have been told.

I will not tell you a story.


I will mix you a melody, with a

Thousand ingredients. A melody

Is where it is, it never leads somewhere.

It is either enough or it is nothing.

A melody,

It is the stuff of paradise and dreams;

It is the stuff of an empty,

Filthy alley, with cyanide queens

And the growl of hyenas.


The glowing panther eyes become

The flowing semen of the mainstream.

With its eternal ways and means,

Mainstreet. The monkeys laugh!

The impotent bones crack.

All that was proud pounds between

The sidewalk cracks.

The wind hits like a hammer,

The last of winter blows,

I wait now while the spring melts

Into the morningglow.


And I write you this prescription

From my heart and soul. God knows

It might be all I can give to you that



I wait here in the wildwind and the

Alleyfilth, while the rats bloat,

While the whirlwind turns a

Galaxy of worlds. While the gull

Flies through a new dawn,

And I discard my old clothes.

I wait while the old winter dies

And spring blows.




* * * * * * *




(C)1979-2016 W.G.Milne







The American electorate is angry, pissed off and generally

infuriated by the greed- head cash-sucking upper one percent,

who make on average something like 433 times the average

salary of the working man.



This is the largest split between rich and poor on earth!

And Wall street is up to its ass in fraud. The gap is larger than even the peasants and warrior chieftans in Somolia. At least everone gets

their share of ghat in Somolia. In the US, only the really rich

get to snort the good stuff.

People are sick of this unequal shit. People are vomiting

over these falsely-honest, twisted lying politicians with political-

spiels that cover the untruths with a thin layer of phoniness.

They don’t even bother to hide their lies convincingly!


They seem impressed with themselves, puffed up, that they

have created this gigantic messed up abusive terrain of mendacity …

all based in their scarcely respected  country of avarice.


The USA gap between salaries of the RICH and POOR

is greater than the gap in SOMOLIA. It never was this bad except

maybe at the heart of the DARK AGES – back to the feudal system,

long before the average surf had a vote – long before Magna Carta,

only then were things this bad.

Eventually at that time, centuries ago, the people

gained some rights. Because everybody rebelled at the same time –

they knew they were getting fucked beyond any name or colour of

reason. Year after year they ( the serfs) were screwed out of the fruits

of their labour. And on their wedding night, the local nobility

got to screw their wives first.  So the serfs were getting screwed


That’s enough to get anybody’s goat.

Some fat, greasy, evil-smelling “noble” was tupping your

white ewe, on your wedding night.

Who knew what diseases she got from that? And of course

any noble pestilence your brand new wife got – you (the husband)

were going to get it, too.


Back to 21st century America – oh,

things are so much better now. Ho! Ho! Aren’t they?

Maybe not.


Look around you… check out your environment. Check out your

blood pressure and mad stress level. Then check your bank balance…

Then tell me how well you are doing. At least no one gets to bang

your wife before you do on your wedding night – at least

not yet.



OK this is kind of a digression, but not really. You’re still

being fucked – it’s just in a different apeture now – the

financial one.

We thought we were so liberated. We thought

we were so free.


This is why all the establishment candidates

are getting their asses kicked. Something is fundamentally

wrong and it has to be fixed. The scales of justice are

skewed . The playing field is not level. We have to climb

a hill just to serve lunch to our bosses


People are pissed and the wind is just starting to

blow back into the faces of the one percent.

It’s no accident that the two candidates

who are doing well are the two people

who are not beholden to Wall St: Donald

Trump and Bernie Sanders. Neither of them

have huge superpacs; neither of them are accepting

huge sums from lobbyists. People are sick

of elections that are bought by the obscenely



It’s GOON TIME and the rich will soon be

hearing shocking and unpleasant knocks on

their  back doors.


You can FUCK some of the people some of the time.

But as New Hampshire results prove –

you can’t fuck all of the people all of the time!




CRUZ is has no problem with dirty tactics, having his

supporters publish flagrant lies about each of the other

candidates. He’s a lawyer and he’s a tricky bastard and I kind of like

him for that – but not too much.


RUBIO is too young, ineperienced. He talks too fast and

in a robotic fashion. He speeches sound memorized.

He must learn to pace himself… slow the hell down…

Learn how to deliver a punch line.


Kasich’s  honesty and positive campaigning may start to

pay off, or it may not. Of all of the candidates, he is the one who

looks most presidential. But is he nasty enough?

Does he have enough edge?


I like Trump. At least he’s entertaining. That’s a big plus to me.

Leaders should be a little fun… I sure hope he’s not a dangerous

maniac… nah, he opposed Iraq. And most maniacs get broke

before long.



As I say, “we the people” are extremely sick of Washinton corruption.

The Supreme Court Decision called Citizen United

really screwed the pooch… really fucked up the country.

Corruption  was codefied.


The Billions paid out by the multi-billionaire corporations – Big Oil, Big Pharma, Obscenely engorged Wall Street… and their representatives…

Big fee lobbyists offering massive cash in bribes to buy

representatives running for Congress. The job of the lobbyists is to

purchase representatives – purchase the Senate and Congress


The USA supreme court through Citizen United ruled

that CASH is the free speech of Corporations, and should be protected  as such. Just as the free speech of human beings is protected by the US Constitution, so should the cash speaking

of corporations.

It means that the elections of the U.S.of A. can be BOUGHT



People lost all faith, all trust, all respect in the so-called ‘democratic’

electoral process – after Citizen’s United.

Every elected representative  was bribed and Wall Street was gettiing

richer – they were becoming disgustingly wealthy,

without doing much work.


And what about the average Joe, the average worker?

He is getting butt-fucked at noon on national T.V!


of course, everybody knows it. They can SEE IT HAPPENING!


SANDERS IS BEATING establishment candidate Hillory

like a belly-crawling  egg-sucking dog. The public trough is

slammed shut. The lid of the cookie jar is screwed tight.

No more money for honey. She and her husband had sapped

the strength and monetary well-being of the nation

for the last time.


The weirdly unbalanced scales of financial renumeration

was never addressed or fixed by The Clintons. They were selling

their people into a pseudo slavery.


So were the Bushes, but the Bushes did far worse. They opened the door for the

war profiteers. They opened the barn door wide. Of course, first

they had to start a war. No problem.

Tell the same lie over and over again: it becomes the

truth. One of Hitler’s publicity people said that.

They made money when the bombs were being dropped;

then they made a fortune re-building the devastated

landscape.   (See Haliburton, etc.)


It wasn’t fair. It hasn’t been right. And the voters of the

United States don’t like the taste of it.


There’s only so much shit one person  will eat.

There are only so many lies “we the people”

will swallow.


Time’s up!


(C)2016 by W.G. Milne,

John Rock Corporation








I had a chat with Uncle Henry the other night.

I asked him what to do when the

power runs out:

He looked at me as if I was an idiot or ejeet as Henry

says it…and this is what he said.


1. Buy yerself a fuckin woodstove.

( no, no Henry… when livin in the city)


2. Oh…. well livin in the city yous probly a ejeet

already. So my advice woule be… Git yerself

8 roils of toilit pepper… Sos you kin wipe yer

ass in the dark.


(tHAT’S IT? i ASK)


3. Nos but i’m trynna be polite. Git yerself a Lee n Enfield

303 rifle and shit yerself in da head.




4. Watz da fuckin temrature?


(40 degrees below zero Farenheit)


5. Meybee y’a otta cut yer balls off then shit yerself

in the dark


(You mean shoot yourself in the head?)


6. Ya, datz wot I said, Fukface!


7. OK OK, git yerself a lotta candles…

Becuzz ya probly kant find yer asshole with both

hands and a flashlight!


(Come on, Henry!)


8. Fuk you with a tenpople, Willie! If yas dum enuff

ta live ina city ya otta know yur gonna die like a

rat ina wet shithole, while yas swimmin n squealin

fer yer life, fukhead!


9. I got no more time for dis shit!


Well, that’s Uncle Henry for ya. When I say bushman, i mean

bush man. One thing about Uncle Henry, “HE SEZ WOT HE MEANS

an HE MEANS WOT HE SEZ!” No question about that.

He has other sayings which I’d rather not post right now.



**            (C)2016 by W.G. Milne



I’m  laughing beause I’m very sad. I just listened

to a number of sad songs – Bob Dylan and Johhny Cash singing, “North Country Fair”.

It’s a wildly moving song of love and loss. Got me in the solar plexus.

I’d go outside and start sobbing on my hands and knees on the sidewalk,

but my neighbours already think I’m weird..


I can see I’m going to have to move back into the bush – where the spirits

of everything is at you fingertips – and you can feel taste and hear the things you love.

And if you focus and say a mantra (prayer) and breath deeply, you can taste the redemptive taste of God, Himself – utter clarity.. And if you sing out a prayer, he might answer you – or sing along.I need some company when I listen to that song, because it breaks my heart. I think of a courageous friend who was with me when I first heard that song,I associate the song with her – and the sense of loss is almost overwhelming.


Even the people I am with, I’m somehow distant from them, except for maybe my children. I’ve always been an outsider. I’ve always been an observer, all my life.

When my father was dying, I alone was sitting with him – and I was taking notes.

And when I was making love with a beautiful woman, I was writing a poem on her

stomache. Not everbody likes this.


But you know what you are, what you are, what you are – and I try to love the people around me as best I can. But it’s not always enough. Sooner or later I’m going to hit the road. For no good reason whatsoever except for my past.


I feel bad that I’m constricted in this way with women. That I always have to leave

for no good reason at all.

Well, I’m a singer and I’m a writer, maybe that’s the reason. I want to say to all the ladies I’ve been with: it wasn’t your fault. It’s not that you weren’t good enough or kind enough, no, it’s an imperative I labour under from my past.

I loved you all. But I couldn’t stay.


* * * * *






The Gospel of Thomas starts with the comment: “These are the secret saying which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Juda Thomas wrote down. It consists of 52 sayings which appear to be quite clear, at least on the surface; and it is considered by many to be the Source gospel.


1. And he said, “Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death.”


  1. Saying # 39. Jesus said, “The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of the kingdom and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to.


Note: It is also translated as: “the keys to knowledge (gnosis)” the knowing experience is the entrance to the kingdom.



Christ Consciousness ( also called Cosmic Consciusness) has come down to us – over twenty centuries. What is more important? That we have the body of Christ? Or that we have the Heart and Mind of Christ, as expressed in these sayings? The possibility of True Communion still exists. But it is an experience, “costing not less than everything.”


Saying 29. Jesus said: “If the flesh came into being because of spirit, it is a wonder. But if spirit came into being because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty.”



Saying 51. His disciples said to him, “When will the new world come?” He said to them, “What you look forward to has already come, but you do not recognize it.”


. It is also expressed as: “Look around you. The fields are white with harvest. The kindom is spread out upon the earth and men see it not.” Also, “It will not come through expectation.”


The kingdom is here and now. Christ is here now. All it takes is a knowing experience, a realization on our part – to bring about the return.



(C) 2016 by W.G. Milne