We all feel it. Even if you’ve done nothing to deserve it,

you feel it – if you’re past the age of two. The judeo-Christian

belief system made  sure of that. And the puritan ethic

didn’t help.


Now  the guys in the photo above right, they don’t feel guilt or shame. They’re

too busy swatting flies. And  they’d live in the bush til  the

end of time – if u gave

them,    each one of them, a 40 ounce bottle of rye whiskey each and   every  day,

then they’d never leave the bush… and they’d never feel an iota of guilt

or shame. And they wouldn’t give a damn about the flies.



Lost the thread.


          Some years back, I started painting. I started by using oils.

The results I achieved/ received  were so primitive as to be almost

embarrassing … But I loved them.  So I was happy. I loved working

with raw colour. And I loved swirling the blended oils

around the canvass – until I could see what the  colours

wanted, hear what the oils were whispering

to me.

Painting is a flow experience – rather like

the experience of the mystic – the mystic must feel out,

sense, intuit what the spirit of a place is saying  to him.

So  must the   painter in a different way – he relates the

inner world of his imagination to the spur of the colours

before him. Or perhaps better put, the colours urge

his emotions to concretize the vision of his imagination.


Whew! What a mouthful! Colours stir the emotions;

emotions stir the imagination… … Who knows?

I express  my

emotions through colours.

Colours express the inner  self.

External depictions not required.


Enough said.



Escape the linear nature of words?


Not exactly…       words can dance, too.

Words can flow through rhythm and


A wild, tormented and impassioned imagination

also helps. Being rejected and mad in love,

wild with desire – burning

with  a need for speed, a need to climb the nearest

church   steeple and ring the bells, bathed in the

flowing light of the full moon…


All of these I find helpful in learning the mystery

and the meter of  the dance of  the words.


(C) 2016 by W. G. Milne






















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