Writer’s  Workshop




I love that small round table, the way the sun hits it, it’s well

used, scratched surface  that I don’t have to be careful of.

For me writing is a ritual, an act of reverence

that is repeatedly enacted. The repetition has an almost

hypnotic effect… after a while the workshop calls to me,

and I approach it with the reverence of an old love.




To Rhyme or  Not To Rhyme



Some people  say poems should rhyme. Ohers say they

should not rhyme. After Bukowski, non-rhyming poems

were in vogue. Then rap music appeared and everything

had to rhyme.


I am somewhere in between… I take a poem as it comes

to me, and I don’t use forceps in its delivery. I’ve

written plenty of non-rhyming poems. But if I’m

going to read poems in public, I’m sure to throw in

plenty of poems with rhyme in them.


If a poem were going to be read at your funeral,

if  someone was going to speak a eulogy at your death,

would you want that poem to rhyme?


I  can tell you what  I want. I want my eulogy

to rhyme.


I also want it to be at least 12 verses long. In

case I’m being buried prematurely:

I might have a chance to revive.




(C)2016 by W.G. Milne



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