I’ve been locked out of my own Blogs – ROVING REPORTER RANTS (Blogger). Can’t open it… same with several others.

OK, not so interesting. I’ve been trying to get aboard for 18 hours, and now that I have the freedom to type,

I am bogged down by a bottle of over-proof. My eyes are heavy on my eyebrows, and there is too much shame for a clean break… SO I MUST CONTINUE!

And what shall we call this demi-press?  Call it:

MORON TIME, just like the song ——-

(The song is called, “PUSSY TIME”

which I wrote also):



“I was in the supermarket

Standing in the line…

Cashier whispered in my ear

Honey, don’t you know? Don’t cha know?




((Followed by a heavy low string lead

which I really dig.))


(p.s. same riff as in, “BACK FROM THE BLACK”)


“I told you I’d be coming back

I’m coming back now from the black,

Buy you a new suit  made to measure

Cut you close now with my razor

As I drift away

As I drift away

As I drift away

Into the dark.”


“You think you’re funny, you think you’re cool!

Sometimes I  know  that you’re the fool!”

I told you I’d be coming soon

Rising up now like the moon!”

As I slip away

As I slip away

Into the gene pool!”



lyrics and music (C) 2005 by W.G. Milne


At any rate, you get the idea.  Soon I’ll

post the full song.   MEANWHILE, check out

“OUR SECRET PAGES”,  William Milne channel,

Youtube.   “Press” caricature of me as Roving Reporter

by Ernie Taylor.”