I paint because it’s non intellectual. I’ve thought enough;I’ve analyzed too much. It’s a joy for me to flow with colour and form, the ecstasy of union and non thought, no verbal expressions, no delineations, no separations – just the joy of flow…. and responding with heart and instinct.
What fun!
Joy! And not taking myself too seriously – this is why I paint… and love to do it. However restricted at drawing I might be, I am amazingly good at brushing the flow of mixing colours… I paint the same canvass, more or less repeatedly… and I love experiencing this process.
This is why… I paint.

(C) 2015 by W.G.Milne

Screenshot fromSANTA'S URBAN SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014-05-17 17:54:38DSC_2602_20150315213338026b057e-paintingswgm-stguillaumephotogrid_1403319398438_1

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