We all face times of great doubt and times when our bad habits get
us down. This is normal. In fact, it is necessary to doubt greatly
if one is to come to great realization. Without first having the
question, there can be no answer.
It is needed that the small mind, the mind of so-called rational
thought, find its own limitations. This is likened to the old gray rat
going into the dead-end alley, the place where analytical questioning
must end.
A higher faculty of mind must take over when one seeks answers to
questions about human meaning. The question is: “What is the
meaning of life?” This question used to torment me when I was
a young man. And the answer will not be provided by the rational
The difficulty with Western Philosophy is: it creates a problem
where none exists.
In the East this higher faculty of mind is called prajna and its
activity seems to takes place in an area behind the center of the
forehead. It has also been called the third eye. And this is the
place of spiritual reasoning.

I undertook to do an inquiry into Christian Origins. And it seems
as if I have gotten to the bottom of things. This is the most difficult
assignment your Roving Reporter has ever been sent on.
Jesus Christ grew out of the Essene community. If you wish
to research the Essenes, John Allegro has a blog that touches upon
them. I should say, “A man called Jesus Christ” because the history
of the matter is unclear.
Christ is important, not because he was a highly special God-
man who performed miracles. No, these notions just make the
Christ a hot property which the church could monopolize for
incredible profit, cash, and respect in the community. In fact,
the Christ is important because he is so ordinary: that this
wondrous Vision of God came out of the poverty of the ordinary
And the Vision is one of love and knowledge. It might take
blind faith to get to the place where the Vision exists; but it
takes a knowing experience in order to realize the Vision.
Christ is more important as a state of Mind than He is as
a particular person who lived two thousand years ago.
I put capitals on words pertaining to Christ, because
once the Mind that is Christ is realized, it is the Vision of God.
Out of the ordinary soul, there is thisVision that is divine.

This material ends up being very simple. As Father Belyea
used to say: “Nobody sees the obvious.”
But what is indeed miraculous is that this Heart-Mind
that spans the centuries comes out of the most ordinary soil.
And what changes the ordinary into the divine? This is the same
question as, “What is the Meaning of Life?” Or, “What’s
going on?” Let us call the agency that transforms the ordinary
into the divine, let us call it, “the Eucharist.”
But it is not the eucharist you will be offered in church.
Or at least not in what passes for church in this day and age.
The mystery has been taken out of our religion. The Bible has
been emasculated.
And it has gotten so bad that the church has negated
the very existence of the Great Realization.

This is the very heart of what the earliest Christians were
confronting, as they were emerging out of the Essene community:
the mystery as to how this man they knew as an ordinary man
in the very midst of them became the Son of God.
They knew he was the carpenter’s son, from Galilee. And who
believes a prophet that comes from your own town? You knew him
when he was growing up and when he did really stupid things.
As it says in the Bible: “Can anything good come out of Galilee?”
Well, something did.

The other day I heard a song from Jamaica, and the singer
was assuring his people that “Revelation will come.” Well,
it has come and it is here. And any ordinary person can
put him/herself in that place where Revelation will come.
But first it is necessary to empty a place within you.
Empty yourself of the monkey-like mind that always
has another thought; empty yourself of erroneous thought.
Empty yourself of ignorance which is like a fog that prevents
you from seeing. In fact, empty yourself of everything you
have ever been taught.
Prepare a place within you and Grace will come. And
in that place, Christ will arrive also. And Christ is the Vision
that is the Meaning of the Eternal.

“Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death.”
(Gospel of Thomas)

Jesus said: “If the flesh came into being because of spirit,
it is a wonder. But if spirit came into being because of the
body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed
at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty.”

What I am saying to you, you will not hear it in the churches
of this day. You would have had to live in the first century A.D.
in order to hear this – the earliest message of the one who is
called Christ.
Rather than go to church, open a church, a temple within you.
Open an empty place and tend it as you would a loved one’s
grave. Be patient and wait, and I assure you… the sacred will come.
Join me. For in this church, the doors can never be locked.

This is the church of the open road.

 (C)2010 by William G. Milne