When I put my mind to dreaming, I imagine what it means

for the earth to be 4 1/2 billion years old. And until recently

human history was thought to be a mere 6000 years old –

back to the garden of Eden.  (For a long time the church insisted on this view).

         But the sphinx has rain erosion on it from 9,000 to 10,000

years ago. And the worldwide monoliths appear (  oriented towards the spring equinox) to have sunk 400 feet beneath the sea, after the melting of the last ice age.

         And unrecorded human history goes back certainly 250,000 years … to where it began to get interesting, and human types  began to form  symbiotic relationships with the sacred mushroom.

A strong sense of  the divinity of things came to  the humanoid man with the eating and smoking and making tea out of a variety of sacred plants.

         To be fair, not everybody agrees that human history was

drastically changed by the ingesting of sacred plants. There are

two schools of though:  (1) human history was changed in a major way by the consuming of the sacred plants

and (2) the sacred plants had very little effect on human history.

        But if John Marco Allegro is correct in asserting that the New Testament in the Bible is in large part a code containing puns on words for amanita muscaria, and that the anointing of Christ himself is a process that involves the sacred mushroom… If Allegro is correct in his highly-detailed etymological argument, which is to be found in the endnotes of his book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross … then we really must re-think our attitudes

towards both Christianity and human history.

        By the way, a number of highly respected scientists have

confirmed in recent years that John Allegro is absolutely correct in his findings, thought and argument.

        We have been so certain about our limited opinions, but this is madness and sheer stupidity. The incredible scope of four and one half Billion years – we have no idea what has occurred in that massive stretch of  time – the miraculous blossomings of culture, and the abysmal devastation and inundations that occurred to sweep each culture/civilization away. The only name that survives from the last global sea-going culture is Atlantis.  And that name is half myth.

         Thousands of advanced civilizations may have come and gone on our earth over billions of years, and we  have

NO IDEA what has happened, how, when, where or why.

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last global civilization, a mere 10,000 years ago, was so completely destroyed that not one name of one individual has survived.  Makes you think, doesn’t it…

about the efficacy of human pride. I mean, go ahead and become famous, my brothers and sisters, but don’t expect that fame to last.

In a mere speck of time, globally speaking, all names disappear into the beginningless and endless dancings of the Tao.

         Many ice ages have come and gone, and no names have

come down to us. Nothing has been recorded. The ability to write and talk and start fires has come and gone and come and gone and come and gone, and the conscious life through which the earth arises to know itself – this life likely was not always humanoid.


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