Removing psychological blockages, spiritual miscues, sexual repressions

through the use of Mindshocks, sitting, laughter and various surprises.


         “Cravings disappear from the one who has known the Supreme.”

There is not a clear spiritual path in the Western World, with signposts,

sayings, fingers pointing the way to that place of sufficiency which we call home.

We must correct this, so that our young people do not get lost in the vast commercial wasteland of distraction and unmeaning.

It’s the responsibility of earlier travelers to contribute to the path, to sweep the way clean sometimes and in fact to point out that indeed there is a path

even in the midst of Babylon, there are guidelines that will assist searchers

in their quest to find Realization even in the midst of this empty valley.

OK. OK,  I’m attempting to link this blog with the one addressed above.

I’m going to get away from the heavy, serious stuff, I promise.

Maybe I should call this one:  “Roving Reporter Rants Again.”

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